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In general, smartphone users will be highly connected nature in the first place , the first concern is the Internet functions . However , the smart watch is worn on the wrist of the user , the user is part of everyday wear and therefore need to focus more beautiful and personalized . ” 3 As low social recognition privacy issues , Google glasses are banned in some places. Besides shape design challenges exist outside ray ban sunglasses outlet wearable devices there is also a potentially large problem that social acceptance . Nowadays , smart have a camera phone , camera and recording functions, and therefore likely to be used as a spy device , violation of user privacy.

While taking into wearable devices also have photographs, video and audio capabilities , the outside world began to bring their concerns privacy issues raised , and raised a new challenge wearable devices. Currently, Google glasses have been banned for use in certain commercial and other public places, bars and restaurants , while using Google glasses in public users even got “glasses bastard ” (Glassholes) indecent call , which largely confirms the Google glasses are not socially acceptable fact. Google themselves have said that the biggest challenge faced by Google glasses not build the platform itself , but how to let the public acceptance of this emerging technology. On the current social glasses for Google users criticized phenomenon, Google wants to be recognized by society glasses still have a long way to go .

In order to promote the Google Glasses , Google also actively taken ray ban sunglasses outlet some measures, such as the purchase of user trial samples to enable users and people used to seeing around Google glasses. At the same time , Google also with such as Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) and Oakley (Oakley) and other popular eyewear brand cooperation , trying to integrate elements of fashion eyewear at Google , which is a good sign. Expensive 4 Google has started collaboration with Oakley and Ray-Ban glasses and other manufacturers, which will reduce the price of Google glasses do ? Of course , the challenge facing the wearable device also includes a price. Currently, the price of Google glasses for $ 1,500 , the price is quite expensive , making it impossible to become a ” public” goods . In addition to Google Glasses , prices of other wearable devices are not cheap.

Rob Chandhok , vice president of Qualcomm , said : “As the price factors , wearable devices only some early users will pursue cutting-edge technology to try and with the gradual improvement of function , these devices will become more wearable . attractiveness . ” according expected, with parts manufacturers began to introduce customized components for smart ray ban sunglasses outlet watches, the price of these devices in the future will decline. In addition, some large manufacturers will conduct a large-scale marketing campaign for wearable devices , which will also contribute to the popularity of wearable devices .

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One of the most nose on a frame above the bars engraved B & L Ray-Ban USA, following intaglio B & L Ray-Ban 62 □ 14. Genuine intaglio milling precision molds should be pressed out , that the use of a magnifying glass to see , but also there is no roughness , and gives fine impression. Imitation Lei Peng intaglio relatively coarse , text skew , the concave portion shades , the overall lack of fine feeling.
Second, the two sides recessed lens matte BL logo estimates may be made ​​of laser cut and polished technique , smooth touch feeling no word here , but the characters are beautiful and clear mission , although very shallow recess , but the letters edge yet angular. Imitation in dealing with this sign I’ve seen in two ways: one is crappy imitation than on a purely transparent material with a silk screen process printing , carefully hand touch can feel is raised ; than an imitation success , but also the use of laser  cheap ray ban aviator sunglasses matte technology, but the process is poor, and genuine comparison , the authenticity of significant legislation .
Third, the white eye lenses on Ray . Ban sign up for the screen printing process , positive

Products are very wearable, at least I used this lens grinding without a clear plan marks twenty years ago to acquire , use more than a decade wearing white Ray lens on . Ban beautiful silk flag remains clear mission . But White Imitation lens on Ray. Ban logo normal after a period of time off too desultory .
Fourth, there are signs stamped on  cheap ray ban aviator sunglasses the metal support BL exquisite pieces of soft transparent nose pads inside .
Fifth, genuine black frame is enamel , gold metal plating process , are not falling baked layer and coating. The short-term use after Imitation gold on shallow oxide .
Six authentic guarantee, trademark gold , folding type of goods listed complete. One year warranty , and ensure that the card indicate the product level and guarantee card numbers, and other agencies have marked Bausch & Lomb ‘s warranty obligations , but this is very easy to give counterfeiters , many businesses collect authentic guarantee, trademark  cheap ray ban aviator sunglasses gold together and sell fake goods , the folding type of goods listed such information .
Seven , labeling genuine, not all rayban sunglasses have labeling, but such rayban classic lens G15 , B15 lenses , etc., are to appear golden labeling , labeling and shiny ; If the polarizer is red labeling . Imitation : Gold labeling bleak , labeling polarizer affixed to the ordinary models .

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